Small Rebellious Acts of Creativity #1

The three of us have been engaged in all kinds of creative, spiritual, and philosophical side tracks over the years which have been unrelated to our writing – solo or collectively. They have often been safe spaces to delve deeper into complex ideas, to speak from the heart, to witness each other in the joyful times and in the difficult one, to gently nudge each other out of our comfort zones, to share the wonders of the worlds in which we live and the lives we’ve been graced.

When the final novel prompt came out the jar (yes, we are intrinsically bound to each other through an actual jar!) I suggested that perhaps we refill it with prompts geared as gentle creative pushes. These were not intended as strict writing prompts but as creative invitations to explore, in whatever way we were compelled to, the invitation on the small slip of paper. Every Monday one came out, and we wrote to it in our day books and journals and shared small parts via Whatsapp. We wrote poetry. We took photos. In some cases we spent the week thinking about it but produced nothing tangible. And that was fine too.

With the launch of the website, we’ve opened our beloved jar to include you in a more intimate and interactive way. We will share one of our invitations every Monday morning and welcome you back Sunday afternoon to share whatever emerged over the course of the week for you. There are no limits on the platform or medium in which these can be explored and later shared.


Make it accessible for yourself. Easeful. Invite yourself into a place and a space free from the pressure of overwhelm. Pressure to perform. Keep it simple. Small is not subjugation. Small is not less than. Small carries a power all of its own. Gift yourself 5 minutes. Sometimes it doesn’t need to be anything more.


Rebel against apathy, procrastination, perfection, self contempt, self doubt, lack of confidence, lack of time, other people’s antagonism, lack of belief, the voice of the inner critic, and anything else that wants to tell you ‘no’. Flip the bird at your Imposter Complex.  Interrogate. Innovate. Initiate. This is a space for saying yes.

Act Of

Do. Doable. Doing. Done. Even if it’s five bed-headed minutes, on a Wednesday morning, with your first infusion of caffeine for the day, tapping a list of ten things into your phone. Make a space. Fill it.


Make something from nothing. Anything. The possibilities are endless. Draw. Paint. Build. Dance in the shower. Play. Howl. Doodle. Bake. Cut up poetry. Block out text. Collage magazine pictures. Snap a photograph. Garden. Read something aloud. Send someone a card. Make a digital mash-up. Create a playlist. Hum a song. Journal. Daybook. Write a list. Instagram a favourite quote. Play the instrument you have buried away in your cupboard.

This week’s invitation is…

We’ll see you Sunday to share the week’s renderings of The Way Home.

3 thoughts on “Small Rebellious Acts of Creativity #1

    • I’m fascinated by the prompt – given the theme for our first round of posts is ‘origins’. I’m not sure if we have ascertained who put this prompt in the jar?!

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