SRAOC #2: Mortal Scorch

Small Rebellious Acts of Creativity #sraoc is a weekly invitation to explore a word, or a phrase, through whichever creative avenue, platform or modality the participant wishes. It is intended to be a philosophical or creative catalyst moreso than a straight up writing prompt.


it came through my skin
like emotional Morse code
translating the SOS from my heart
into pustules on my skin

but there is no
secret message to be found
in the Braille of my pain
through your fingers tips

this is the mortal immolation
of who I once was
and you as the scorch of memory
my body is trying to erase


bravery is bullshit

multiple myeloma 
     a confrontation between cancer and 
the inevitability of mortality
     my mother-in-law
          almost three years gone
medicine that kills her just enough 
     to keep her alive a few more days*
          a ravaged body
robbed of days and sunrises
and sunsets and moments with grandchildren
     I doubt I’d be so brave;
          I’d be too fucking scared

* with acknowledgement to Luka Lesson’s poem “Antidote”

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