SRAOC #9 This is Like Water

Small Rebellious Acts of Creativity (#SRAOC) is a weekly invitation to explore a word, or phrase, through whichever creative avenue, platform or modality the participant wishes. It is intended to be a philosophical or creative catalyst moreso than a straight up writing prompt.

This week’s prompt was: This is Like Water


Postmarked Piper’s Reach was a novel written in small acts of creative rebellion: one A4 page, one letter, one week at a time. It was something we wrote to please ourselves and each other first and foremost. It remains the best example we have of ‘do what you love’ and everything else will follow.

It was literally born in the ocean at Brunswick Heads and set along the roaring coast of southern New South Wales – and now our incredible publisher has visually articulated the leitmotif of water in a powerful new way. Our ‘this is like water’ contribution this week is a celebration of Jessica Bell’s artistry and cover genius, and our deepest gratitude to Jessica and Amie of Vine Leaves Press for all the ways they love our novel as much as we do.


Stare with me, if you will, at the image above. At first glance, it might look like a satellite image of a large estuary; blink, and suddenly some giant, praying mantis-like creature is descending upon a village tucked under the brush of a sleepy riverside community. Blink once more, and the complicated ecosystem of a slight creek, painted blue by a cloudless sky above, meanders its way through a suburban town, dividing the sprightly spring flourish of life from the sun-drenched detritus of a life lost long ago.

I have been walking over this little river for about 50 years now, a trickle of life that wraps its way through the woods and along the western edges of our local public library. And every time I cross over, I take the time to pause at this point, look down upon the water, and reflect on how few people take the time to stop and appreciate the beauty that is under their very own feet.


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