SRAOC #10 Triad Love

Small Rebellious Acts of Creativity (#SRAOC) is a weekly invitation to explore a word, or phrase, through whichever creative avenue, platform or modality the participant wishes. It is intended to be a philosophical or creative catalyst moreso than a straight up writing prompt.

This week’s prompt was: Triad Love


I could say a lot about three-way love and non-conventional relationships, but it was this image which sprung to mind the moment I pulled the prompt from the jar.

The triad of love as it relates to the self; self-perpetuating if we are willing to intentionally put self love in motion and, like tending the flame, turn up regularly to keep it in motion.

The triad of love asks that we: love our younger self;  love our present self consciously and without thought to the past or the future;  and love our shadow self.

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