Post-It Note Poetry Collection (2021)

February was a huge month of poetry, with the successful hosting of Post-It Note Poetry by Christina Hira and myself. It was our first foray into the world as public partners of a creative or poetic project (though if we’re honest, Post-It Note Poetry is less of a project and more of an ocean with a tide and mind of its own).

This year, we chose to infuse the month with the theme of ‘poets write poetry’. This was all about claiming ourselves as poets, something both Christina and I have struggled with…how the word ‘poet’ holds a torch for our words in a very different way.

Among the possible ideas we entertained under this umbrella of ‘poets write poetry’ was to publish a collection at the end of the month.

We are very proud today, to share with you the very first collection of Post-It Note Poetry, containing the work of the following poets from the 2021 round:

Effie Katrakazos
Yvonne Sanders
Adam Byatt
Christina Hira
Jodi Cleghorn
Dianna Manjarrez
Nichole Pace
Robert G. Cook
M.X. Kelly
Denise Sparrowhawk
Janette Dalgliesh
Jessica Morgan
Tiare Snow
Heartland Magic
Robin Bower
Trish Weill
Judith Milburn
Marion Taffe
Jen Byrne
Rebecca Bielik Zick

You can download the collection here for free.