The JAR Collective stands in the space of possibility between self-published indie author and micro press. Comprised of Jodi Cleghorn, Adam Byatt and Rus VanWestervelt, the collective harnesses the individual and collaborative passions, skill-sets and experience of the founding members to create an innovative publishing platform. The collective consolidates more than a decade of creative synergy and shared relationships from author-editor and author-author to creative insurgents and catalysts, and a myriad of other transitory and permanent relationships between.

Here you will not find work curated under a shared genre or form. Here you will find work curated and offered under a shared passion for transformative stories in a kaleidescope of forms. You can expect to find mainstream books offered alongside metaphysical digital serials, verse novels in chapbook form, black-out poetry, sci-fi constellation narratives, as solo and joint endeavours.

There are no limits here – no rules – and we invite you to join us in our explorations of the boundaries of narrative and shared literary adventures.

Our publishing schedule tracks the movement of the sun. New publications will be offered four times  a year – on the June and December solstices and the March and September equinoxes.

**Please note, the Collective is not open to public submissions.**