Shades of Paradox

By Jodi Cleghorn

Publication date: 01/12/2020
Genre: Poetry
Sub Genres: Photo, Art Book
ISBN: 978-0-6486706-6-7
Size: 112x152mm (the size of a standard envelope)
Kindle ASIN: TBA
Pages: 62
Paperback: A$22.00 (plus postage)
Digital Download: Pay What You Want (as of Dec 1)

Cut from the fabric of Jeanette Winterson’s ‘Art and Lies’ and inspired by the abstract urban photography of Kaolin Fire, these 31 poems consider the paradoxes of who we are and who we want to be in the tangled complexities of our experiences of love, time, beauty, creativity and reinvention.

Let these words pick you up and dash you on the shores of your hidden parts, the shadow breaths and the incubating brilliance that life has cleverly masked and served to you as the cold mundane of existence.

Read the poet’s letter to future readers.


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Pay What You Want available on 1st December