Fossil Five

FOSSIL FIVE by Rus VanWestervelt

Publication date: September 21, 2019
Genre: Literary Fiction
Sub Genres: Inspirational / Epistolary
Paperback: ISBN-13 978-0-6486706-0-5
ePub: ISBN-13: 978-0-6486706-1-2
Kindle ASIN: to come
Pages: 436

<em>Why us? Why Me? Why wait until he was dead? </em> MAR RESTON

Joshua Amaranth devoted his life to teaching others. When he learns he has months to live, he gathers the experiences and wisdom of his life into a set of final lessons for a special group of former students. Called into his posthumous classroom are Sabrina Dey, Drew Sage, Mar Reston, Cassandra Worthing, and James Fraction – known affectionately as The Fossil Five.

Intended as a distress beacon in the internet age of hyperconnectivity, Amaranth’s final lessons are a deep dive into human connection and love that tear through the carefully constructed exterior of the man the Fossil Five knew and admired, revealing ecstatic love and devastating heartbreak that reflect the vulnerability in their own lives.

A path of darker secrets and betrayals awaits the five alums in letters and undiscovered documents, pushing them to the brink of their personal demons as they dance with the timeless intimacies and entanglements of love, loss, and redemption.

Join the Fossil Five on a journey that challenges the meaning of their existence – and yours – in this critical and transformative time.

<em>So – we can do this together. Yes?</em> JOSHUA AMARANTH


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