by Rus VanWestervelt
Publication Date 22/12/2021
Genre Collage Essay
Sub Genre Biographical Fiction, Memoir
Paperback 978-0-6486706-4-3
eBook 978-0-6486706-9-8
Pages 104
Paperback $10.99
eBook $2.99

Prisms is about the life of a teacher, a writer, a simple human, shared in the hybrid form of a collage essay that reflects and refracts epiphanies borne out of moments of regret, joy, tragedy, fear and love. It is a review of the colorful experiences of life and their re-assembly into something more powerful. In each segment, we come to understand ourselves, and each other, with greater compassion, kindness and grace in our own transformation.

Prisms is a literary binding and fashioning of fact with a touch of fiction, illusion, dreaming, and reimagined memory.

VanWestervelt invites you to witness a statement of existence — just like your own — unimaginable without the contribution of each hue-touched shard that reveals an abstract map of individual evolution, illuminated through love-stained light.

Rus VanWestervelt in his, “2732 The Prisms of Love-Stained Light” offers more than an essay collage of Love and Hope, it can inspire us to explore our own healing collages. Rus is a little bit of Thoreau, Matt Haig and Mark Nepo: from pain comes transcendence.”

Carol Reed, Educator, Poet, Advocate for the Arts

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