Jodi Cleghorn

Jodi Cleghorn is a word witch living on Turrbal land in Brisbane (Australia). She channels her energy and passion into fiction, poetry, tarot and coaching. Long enchanted by the dark vein of humanity, she has written award-nominated science fiction and horror, including the novella Elyora and novelette The Starling Requiem. The co-authorship of Post Marked Piper’s Reach, with Adam Byatt, is one example of her love of collaboration, big concepts and off-beat ideas. The JAR Writers’ Collective is her perfect incubator and has supported the publication of her first birthpunk novel Her First Reality, Darkness and debut poetry collection Shades of Paradox.

In 2022 she will celebrate her 30th publication, spanning time as publishing editor at eMergent Publishing, as a freelance book designer and self-published author, and now as one third of the JAR.

She still dances like no one is watching (and that’s probably a good thing!)

While still officially roaming in the digital wilderness, Jodi’s best point of contact is via her newsletter Warp and Weft.

CURRENTLY WORKING ON the second draft of What I Left To Forget, a prequel to Postmarked Piper’s Reach.

Here Are A Few Of My Favourite Things

My trusty boots!
Cut up poetry and tarot cards.
Weekly self care brunch.