Rus VanWestervelt is a writer living in the watershed area of Chesapeake Bay, Maryland, capturing the extraordinary essence of ordinary lives. He holds degrees in English, education, writing, and creative nonfiction, weaving his own experiences along the thin line dividing fact from fiction.

While Rus has been publishing short stories, essays, articles, and longer works for nearly four decades, his major works include September Eleven: Maryland Voices (2002, Baltimore Writers’ Alliance), an anthology of reactions to the attacks on America in 2001; Cold Rock (2012, Ravenwater Press), a novella about love, redemption, and courage; and Faith, Hope, and Legacy (2016, LifeStory Lighthouse Press), a collection of Christmas stories, essays, and reflections (including “Gretchie’s Gifts”) and an Amazon bestseller.

Rus is currently a freelance writer for various publications, including The Baltimore Sun and The Catholic Review, and teaches writing at local universities throughout the Chesapeake region. His latest work, Fossil Five, will be published by The JAR Collective in June 2019.

You can follow Rus on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. He also posts intermittent musings on writing, teaching, and life on his website, For inquiries or interviews, you can contact Rus directly at

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