SRAOC #11 Common Union

Small Rebellious Acts of Creativity (#SRAOC) is a weekly invitation to explore a word, or phrase, through whichever creative avenue, platform or modality the participant wishes. It is intended to be a philosophical or creative catalyst moreso than a straight up writing prompt.

This week’s prompt was: Common Union


My exploration began as some scribbles on a scrap piece of paper over breakfast last Monday.

It quickly became apparent I needed a much larger and more organised space to work in – which was provided by a graphing exercise book. Friday, in a mess of emotions, I took what I needed to go deeper into creating this and went to one of my favourite cafes.





At the end of my time there I had the penciled in version on the right, which cleaned up with some ink to be the final below.

I realised community is ‘common unity’ and what I created through linking words was a road map into community but also into oneness.

I’d love to know what your favourite coupling is?


What are our bodies but suits of earth
molded clay wrapped around sticks
and given breath. Sucked in one orifice and
excreted from another. All the while speaking
tongues of angels, a glossolalia that trips
over the teeth and lips in a babble,
hastening to make meaning of corporeal thought.
And in action, repeating movements as a reverential
parody of worship. And still I crave your form,
to be held in common union, a eucharistic hope
of unity between two clods of earth
yearning to furrow the other.


I’ve been a dabbler in Photoshop for years, but I’ve never really challenged myself with anything mildly complex like bringing three photos together.

When this prompt was pulled, I knew immediately that I wanted to do something that would capture the common union among the three of us.

So, I asked Jodi and Adam to select a few favorites of my nature photos. From their selections, I chose one from each.

I chose this one from Jodi:

And I chose this one from Adam:

I decided to add one of my favorites, our Maryland State Flower, the Black-Eyed Susans, which is this photo.

From there, I played (and played and played) with pulling them together in some way.

My final creation is below. It is far from fair when it comes to Photoshop standards (leaving the stems on the flowers would have been a good move – and it would make them look a little less like spiders), but I learned a lot in the process, and I will continue dabbling in Photoshop a little more seriously.

The point, though, is this: We three have a common union on so many levels. Here, I wanted to simply capture the beauty we share, as depicted in a common union of three selected photos. In this image, we see a little yin, a little yang, and a lot of mystical gray between the two.

I had fun. And I love the common union we share.

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