Post-It Note Poetry Returns, 1st February 2021

Post-It Note Poetry (PINP), incepted in 2012 as a writing dare, returns for its 9th year in February 2020. Begun by writing partners, Adam Byatt and Jodi Cleghorn, the challenge was to write bad poetry on post-it notes for 28 days. From humble beginnings, it quickly caught the quirk and imagination of poets and non-poets alike across social media. Many foundation participants return each year to exercise their micro poetry muscles.

Curators of this year’s event, Jodi Cleghorn and Christina Hira, are excited about what awaits.

“I am in awe that what began by accident nine years ago is both a calendar event for seasoned Post-It Note Poets but something which grabs the imagination of new people who jump in to try it each year,” said Jodi, who published her debut cut-up poetry collection, Shades of Paradox in 2020. “Often for those new people, it is their first time playing with words poetically since they were teenagers. For the returning poets, it is very much like getting the band back together.”

This year PINP21 embraces the theme: “poets write poetry.”

 “The fear of living up to the title poet is one that often stops me from beginning in the first place” said Christina, whose debut poetry collection Her Webs was published in 2018. “As I was creating the image for this year’s PINP, I came across the 1980 dictionary by Funk and Wagnalls. The definition of a poet is as follows: One who writes poems. It isn’t one who writes good poetry, or one who writes poems every-day, or one who has a published book of poetry. No, just one who writes poems.”

“We invite everyone to be a poet in February,” said Jodi, “by letting go of value judgements or expectations, and just having fun with word.”

Curation duties will be split between Instagram and Facebook with Christina facilitating the challenge on Instagram and Jodi in the dedicated Facebook group.

Hashtag for this year’s event is #pinp21


The philosophy behind Post-It Note Poetry is simple:

  1. To encourage people of all skills sets and persuasions to explore and have fun with poetry – whether they are seasoned poets or curious souls attempting poetry for the first time.
  2. To create within a confined physical space (the size of a post-it note) as a positive limitation. It is also a way of making poetry composition possible for 28 consecutive days.
  3. To come together once a year as a community to write, read, share and amplify the joy of poetry.


The rules are simple for those who’d like to play along at home (at work, on the bus or in any of those in between places perfect for scribbling poetic words on small squares of sticky paper).

  • Write/build/create a poem every day of February*
  • Poems must fit on a post-it note (or be an equivalent sized poem – ie. no more than 8 lines on a larger backing).
  • Poems must adhere to the original light-hearted spirit of permission to write badly – in which poems can tackle serious content, but internal editors/critics all get a break over February.
  • Post poems to social media with the hashtag #PINP21
  • Follow the hashtag and enjoy what others are creating.

*or as many days as feels comfortable and capable for you.

For more information contact:

Jodi Cleghorn via Facebook

Christina Hira via Instagram @wild.dark.magic