Adam is an English teacher, writer, drummer and sometime poet who sifts through the ennui, minutiae and detritus of life like a bowerbird and collects potential story ideas of shiny sentences and scraps of poetry on a pad of sticky notes stuck on the fridge door. These ideas tend to form the basis of his preferred genre of suburban realism (because he doesn’t consider himself literary enough to write “literary fiction”). He has used the same type of pen for more than 25 years (Artline 0.4 felt tip in black) because old habits rarely change and it just feels so good to write with.

If someone was to write his report card it would say, “Plays well with others but could really do with maintaining and focusing his attention on the task at hand.”

Adam’s short stories and poetry have appeared in local and international publications. His debut novel, “Post Marked: Piper’s Reach” (co-written with Jodi Cleghorn) is due for release in July 2019 through Vine Leaves Press. A companion novella, “We Are But Ghosts On Film” is due for release later in the year.

He exists in various forms such as @RevHappiness on Twitter, @handwrittenpages on Instagram and blogs infrequently at A Fullness In Brevity and will be happily placated if you offer him a strawberry milkshake and a doughnut (he does have a penchant for doughnuts). 

 There are a few of my favourite things: